Monday, August 27, 2012

My Greek Vase

This week room 20 has been doing some art for the senior school production for the hall. We have been doing some old Greek vases, we drew them ourselves and dyed the ourselves too. We had to have a story, before you scroll down see if you can guess what my story it!

Wu Minxia does a spectacular dive and ends it with a safe splash into the pool. Wu Minxia come out with a amazing place of first and wins a medal for China!

Scan my QR code with an Ipod,Ipad,Iphone and see what my QR code says!


  1. Cool Tash. I love your vase it so cool. I can't look a your QR code but I bet it would be cool. By the way what dose it say?

    1. Thank you Amy!
      Is says: Wu Minxia dives and come out with a gold medal for china!

  2. Awesome Natasha.
    I like all the different colours and pictures on it.
    Well done From Brody.

  3. AWESOME Tash
    I love it,its so beautiful I really like the podium drawing with the 3D effect it look so cool I love that idea Well Done

  4. Cool vase Natasha.I like it very much. I like the pictures that you have put on your vase.Nice work.

    From Caroline

    1. Thank you Caroline!
      I work hard on my art, I love art its one of my hobbies!
      It was really fun:)