Monday, November 12, 2012

The Bracelet (Chapter 2 and 3)

Chapter Two

Haunted House

Everything was supposed to be exciting when it came to moving house but that was what my Mum said. When I walked into the new house, I just knew it was going to be exactly like last year (it wasn't that good last year). The house was old and creaky, it smelt like smoke that had been drifting around for years. The floors were covered in dust they didn't even have carpet or had been vanished. I walked into the kitchen it almost made me want to cry. The walls were green with mould, the colour was horrendous bright pink and light blue. I made 
it to my room without falling to pieces luckily but still my room was the worst. The wallpaper was halfway down the wall, my window had a huge crack through the middle, the ceiling looked like it was going to collapse, but the thing that made me scared was the writing on the wall saying “You're next”. I ran for it.

Chapter Three

10 o'clock Robber Time

I dragged Mum into my room. “Mum look, look, look at that writing!” She stared at me and then stared at the wall “Sophie are you serious? That was probably some stupid idiot who wrote that you're twelve and you let that get to you.” She walked out of the room pretty amused with herself  but I knew that wasn't any kind of writing, it was that robber. “Oops,” I shouldn't of said that, now I have to tell the story. All right, but very quick.

One night I was sitting in bed reading my book and everybody else was asleep. It was about ten o'clock when suddenly I heard footsteps coming up the hallway. Now I didn't want to shout or scream so I just sat there watching my door. I sat there for a few minutes until I realised that I needed to check what was out there. So I crept to the door and pushed it open a little bit, all I could see was someone covered in a black suit and they were picking up things of mine. That's when I couldn't control my anger. I swung the door open and ran for that person with my book (hard cover) I approached her with my book and smacked her over the head! Which wasn't any good

My Dad came running in and stopped. She was holding a gun on my full head but luckily Dad already had other plans. In with a “bash” came more than twelve soldiers filled with armour and gear you wouldn't know what they were. The lady jumped and smashed the window with a leap, she flew out into the bright night. Just remember that was the short version. After that I kept on questioning Dad “Who was that lady? Did she have a jet pack?” But I never got a answer, he would always pretend he couldn't hear me. Let me just tell you I was only five years old.    


  1. Amazing Tash!
    I love the charts that you have done so far.
    Ate going to do a book or just a lot of great chapters?

    1. Thanks Flossie!
      Hopefully I will do a whole book:)

  2. The mystery is building, Tash!

    I am still guessing where the bracelet will fit into this but I am loving the background you are painting. I also like how you talk to the reader.

    1. Thanks Mr.M!
      I can't wait to get this story under way:)

  3. Great story Tash I hope there is more to come.

  4. Great work Tash. Your story is very cool. I can connect to the story with the writing on the wall on your young leaders camp. This is a very spooky story. Well done:)

  5. Wow Natasha!
    That adds an unbelievable turn around in the story!
    Sophie must've been very brave to take out the robber.
    This writing also makes me want to read the whole series!
    When will the bracelet come in?

    1. Thanks Stefan!
      Somewhere in the middle of the story:)

  6. Wow Tash!
    That is such a cool story.
    That would be kinda scary if it was real.
    I like how you described everything.
    Well done:)

  7. Awesome Tash!
    I love chapter 2, it is brilliant! I can really get a picture in my head. Well done!

    And for chapter 3 I especially like the intro of the story!

  8. Awesome Natasha!
    I like how you made it like the house was haunted!
    Can you give me a heads up on chapter 4?

    1. Thanks Kharn!
      Yes:) I will email it to you when I have done!

  9. Wow Natasha. That is a amazing story. I love how you made it into chapters. Well done. What inspired you to write the piece of writing?

    1. Thanks Amy!
      I actually just found a bracelet on the ground and thought that I should write about a bracelet.

  10. What a wonderful story Natasha. I can't wait to read more. Email me when you have.

    1. Thanks Sarah!
      I diffidently will:)

  11. You've still got me hooked, Natasha.

    Keep it coming

    Best wishes

    Barbara Else

    1. Thanks Barbara!
      You really inspire me and I will keep on writing.

  12. Cool, Natasha!

    I like how it says "Your next" on the wall, gets me creeped out.

    Sincerely, Teva Tait