Friday, November 16, 2012

The Bracelet (Chapter 4 and 5)

Chapter Four
First Day Of School

First day of school today and I am not that excited more like feeling a bit shy and nervous. I always make friends but sometimes it's really hard to fit in with other people from somewhere totally different. I am now in intermediate and it is my first year.

I walked out the door shouting at Mum that we needed to go, she still does not realise that if you get there after the bell you will be in detention. But I got out the door around 8.30 when school starts at 8.40am, so that was a relief.

I made my way through the corridor to my maths class. People stared at me and started whispering, it was kind of scary. This school seemed huge it had doors after doors after doors, I don’t know how people got around this place. I finally got to where I wanted to be, as I glanced at the teacher she just had to come and walk right over to me. “Hello! You must be Sophie I assume?” I nodded and smiled (not like I meant it or anything) “Well, welcome to your maths class. My name is Mrs.Allen and I am your teacher for maths and literacy” She paused and smiled at me. I just kind of glared. “Is something wrong?” Mrs. Allen asked “No! of course not” I mumbled, then I took my place at the front of the class.

The day flew by like the wind. When it came to lunch time, I felt pretty comfortable and took my lunch and sat at a table. As I was about to take a bit out of my sandwich a girl walked over and sat down right next to me. It was awkward for a few seconds “Hi! my name is Emily, are you new here?” I gulped.
“Yes! Why anyway?”
“Just wondering, Whats your name?”
“Nice name”
From then on we sat their for the whole of lunch time talking to each other, so I suppose its not that hard to make friends with someone.    

Chapter Five
Past to the Future

When I got home that day Dad was in the kitchen washing the dishes. “Hello Kiddo how was school?” I replied “Fine”
I walked off into my room and layed on my bed. I stared at the writing on the wall and flicked my mind back to that very night. I just needed to know what that woman was up to, so I walked out to the kitchen.

“Hey! Dad”
“Yes Sophie?’
“Um, Can you please answer me this time? What was that woman doing in our house? You know who I am talking about”
Dad stopped doing the dishes and actually turned around this time. He pushed me into the spare room and shut the door. Oh! No!

“I knew I should've told you this ages ago, but I thought you couldn’t take it all in so nows the time I tell you. A long, long, long time ago in the world there used to be a famous warrior. One day he came came across an ancient God from the beneath, now this God carried a golden bracelet on his arm with three charms, one with a time capsule another with a watch and the sun. He was going to give up his life and had to still keep safe this bracelet of his, safe from the devil. Once he meet the warrior he knew he was the guy so he passed over the bracelet and took off.”

“You expect me to believe this?” I gasped. But he still carried on!

“That warrior was your great, great, great grandfather, my grandfather passed it on to me so I could keep it safe but bad things have happened in the world lately and that woman their was trying to find the bracelet she has already got the three charms but needs the bracelet.”
“So where is it?”

“In the S.A.S secret undercover vault.” My mind was spinning with ideas, all this time I had been thinking about this stupid woman but never knew. “Don’t tell anyone Sophie otherwise the world is at an end.” I turned around “How?” Dad had already gone back into the kitchen before I could ask. But all I could think of was the past.


  1. Awesome Tash!
    You are a famous author your writing is outstanding you should be very proud!

  2. I really like the story within a story that introduces the bracelet.

    You keep your readers hooked with great ideas, superb language choices and the way your main character shares her feelings. It feels real.

    Keep it up, Tash.

    1. Thanks Mr.M!
      Its really fun making this story:)

  3. Well done Tash, you have made this a great chapter book on the making!
    I agree with Mr.M and Pazza!
    Great work:)

  4. Awesome Natasha!
    I love your Bracelet series!
    I wonder what happens next?

  5. Wow Natasha. I really love your story. I am a fan of the bracelet. This chapters are very cool. You explain the bracelet well. Can not for the next chapter:) Well done, Katrina!

  6. Awesome Tash :)
    I read bit of your story last night and i read some now I really like your
    story well done.

  7. Amazing chapter you present a very vivid picture
    in my mind and make me read on.

  8. Wow Tash!
    That is such great 2 chapters.
    They seem really real.
    i love how you said there were doors after doors after doors.
    Chapter 5 is kinda scary.
    Well done:)