Friday, November 23, 2012

Bracelet (Chapter 6)

Chapter Six

You know those days that you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning and that's exactly how I was feeling this morning. Mum came into my room...
“Get out of bed its Tuesday, school day.” She opened up the curtains, I closed my eyes so the sun wouldn't blind me.

I threw my books into my bag with my computer and jumped into the car. I didn't talk to Dad at all or Mum. I just didn't feel up to it after yesterday's talk. While we were driving to school Mum brought up what I knew she would bring up. “Hey! I heard that Dad talked to you about the bracelet! I think that you shouldn't worry about it much yet.” I didn't want to talk about it!

“You know that Dad said not to talk about this,” I replied. Mum didn't say anything after that. I jumped out of the car and said “Good bye Mum.” She waved then zoomed off down the road. I came to the gate just before school at least this time it wasn't my first time seeing it. I walked across the field to the courts.

Suddenly out of nowhere Emily popped up against my shoulder! “Hey Emily!” I smiled at her.
“I was just wondering what class room are you in for Literacy?” she asked.
“Oh! Mrs. Allen’s class, shes really nice.”
“Yeah, I know she’s my teacher too.” I walked into my class and waved to Emily.

At last the bell rang! “Hello class, today for maths I have a project for you to work on at home and also at school we are now for the next few weeks making our very own answer machine”

Everyone looked at her weirdly and put their hands up. I didn't know what a answer machine was either, but I was too scared to ask. “Annabell do you have a question?” Mrs.Allen asked. “What is an answer machine?”
“Oh! its a machine that's answers your questions.” That answered lots of my questions, not!

I walked out of maths a bit confused but I knew she would explain it over and over again tomorrow until our ears had had enough. I kind of doodle towards my next class until the bell rang then I really had to run before I got in big trouble.

Rushing in through the door wasn't the greatest idea but at least I didn't get dentition. I scurried over to Emily and sat down next to her and tried to pay attention to what my teacher was saying but it didn't really work. Emily was drawing a picture while looking up at Mrs. Allen. It was quite distracting for me.

I had a sneak peak! All I could see was a black woman with long wings on her back, it looked like Cat Woman but in a different version.

Cat Woman 


  1. Great Tash!
    Man am I enjoying these stories!
    I can't wait for chapter 7 and 8!

  2. Excellent work Tash. I love the bracelet story. It get more exciting each time I read it. Well done:) Cannot wait for next chapter. Good idea doing Mrs Allen as the teacher our pen pal's teacher:)

  3. Wow Tash!
    As Felicity said I am enjoying this a lot!
    It really makes me visualise. I can see here rushing to her next class and nearly getting detention!
    Were there supposed to wings on the cat woman?

    1. Thanks Stefan!
      No:) because it wasn't exactly like cat women.

  4. Awesome Tash!
    I love reading your bracelet stories, they are so interesting!
    I can't wait for chapter 7 and 8!
    Well done Tash!

  5. Wow, Natasha (or do you prefer Tash?),I think you're the first student who has used my name in a story, so I feel quite honored. Thank you! :) I read all your chapters so far, and I'm definitely hooked. However, I do have a few questions: who is Annabell? Is she just some student in Sophie's class? Also, if Mrs.Allen is Sophie's maths and literacy teacher, does Sophie have other teachers as well for science, social studies, and other specials (like music, art, physical education, etc.). Perhaps it's different than schools here in the United States, but I was just wondering. Also, how old is Sophie? It seems like I read she was year 6, so does that mean she's 10 or 11? If so, then that would make her 4-5 years older than her brother who is 6 (right?). Then if she's 4-5 years older than her brother, then where was her brother when Sophie had the encounter with the robber when she was 5 years old? I think it's great how you made Sophie full of so much courage that she was brave enough to face the intruder--especially at such a young age. Is Sophie's character inspired by anyone you know personally?

    Anyway, I hope these questions aren't too overwhelming; I tend to wonder about a lot of things when I read, so feel free to answer as many (or as few) of the questions you'd like. :) I am actually in the middle of writing a novel, too, and I know I always appreciate when readers ask me questions because it helps me see my story from their perspective and sometimes they mention things that never would've occurred to me otherwise.

    On a different note, I noticed your dialogue sounds pretty realistic, which probably means you read a lot of books. Is that true? I know I have always read tons and tons of books throughout my life, and from what I know about writers, the best writers are strong readers as well. I also noticed you are very specific about your descriptions, which really helps me visualize what's going on in your story (like how you described the smell of the house as "smoke that had been drifting around for years" and how you described Johnny using a simile: "he is like a clown but with no humor.")

    If you get a chance, please thank Mr.Moriarty for tweeting me the link to your story. I loved reading it, and I look forward to reading more chapters in the future! I know from experience that being consistent about writing a novel can be challenging at times, but I hope you keep up the great work and continue writing until your story is finished.

    Again, thank you for sharing, Natasha! :)

  6. Thanks Mrs.Allen!
    I love answering other people questions it makes me think more about the story. But before I do I would love to say thank you for this comment, it makes me happy inside and smile on the out side.

    You can call me either,I really don't mind. Sophie is twelve and her brother is six, so Johnny wasn't born yet.

    Sophie has just started intermediate so she is a year seven. She has other things exactly like you listed but I haven't yet named all those teachers. Annabell is a another person in her class for maths.

    She has a bit of my personality, but some of her is the exact opposite of me like in the next chapter she hates cooking when I love cooking:)

    I read and read and read, I love books more then anything they entertain you and make you think all at the same time. Thank you for all these wonderful questions and most of all for this comment. Tash.

  7. Amazing Tash!
    This chapter is so cool.
    I love how you described everything.
    Well done:)

  8. Awesome Natasha!
    So far this year this is one of the best stories I have read!
    Did anything inspire you to write this story?
    Keep up the good work:)

    I love your Bracelet writing. I can see in my head the whole story and what you are doing in it.

    From Kazzie :c)