Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rocket Practice (maths)

Maths Practice 

Maths,Maths and more Maths. I have been playing this really cool game to practice my rocket goal which is decimals and my Maths, it's call Number Bonds. I start off not to bad but after some go's at it I got 22 out of 22 and that means I got nothing wrong and I think that's pretty good for me. 

This game is awesome it does not only let me practice my decimals but lets me practice heaps more like timetables for example. I can learn heaps from just one game!

Today I tried it again and guess what I got 31 out of 31!


  1. Awesome Tash.
    Looks like you have had fun with learning your decimals.

  2. Nice work Natasha I like this post because it shows your progress in learning maths I really like it keep up the good work.

    From Casey:)