Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reflection On Learning

I am halfway through my awesome year of learning in Room 20. How am I learning?

Some things that are different about this year is having a netbook and the ways we learn.

Having a computer and Google account has helped me present things in better ways and learn to present also in other ways.

I like having a blog because I can share my learning at home with my family and you can show your work to the world. You can also get some really awesome comments, that make you feel proud.    

I share my learning by telling Mum and Dad to go onto my blog and writing comments on other peoples blogs.

I help others by sharing my work and talking to them. Also putting comments on their docs to tell them what they need to work on.

I use ICT to help my learning in these ways: making all these videos and taking pictures help make learning fun and show how I am feeling.

I get feedback for my learning from students and my teacher. They give me feedback by telling me what I could work on or what I did well. This makes me feel proud of what I have done and tells me what I can do next time.

Things I am really proud of achieving in Room 20 is writing definitely, I have learned new ways of writing and forming my sentences.  

Pictures and videos show what you are doing and show how we work. Being in this class helps me alot in all of my subjects but it does not just help me it makes thing fun and learn more. It also makes me proud of what I am doing.


  1. Awesome Tash.
    Wow this is a great reflection and I love how you put a video on.
    I love the Tagxedo!

  2. Your video is superb, Tash.

    We had to share your reflection and video with the Intermediates because they are such great examples of our learning!

    1. Thank you so much!
      I hope they put in some Digi classes into their school.