Thursday, August 23, 2012

Aboard The Plank

I was being pushed by the fierce pirates on to the plank. Their swords swang around my head and  scratched my legs till they bleed, like roses were growing around me. I shuffled back until I was on the back of the plank and could no longer step back.

“Jump in the water boy let those sharks rip you to pieces” the captain screeched. I looked down into the dark, blue sea and he was not lying. Cycling below the plank was hungry sharks and I was sure they would glob me up in one huge snap of their teeth. I tried not to think that I was about to jump into water that was filled with man eating sharks but it was too hard.

So I went for it and flung my legs into the air without thinking about what I was doing. “Splash” I could feel my arms hit the surface of the water, but not only to my horror I could also hear the sharks grinding their teeth together. I closed my eyes and wished for the best, I could feel something touching my back. I was going to die!

“Josh wake up” I looked to find myself face to face with my Mum. It was only just a dream or was it?     

I saw my brother (Jack) writing about some one jumping into lava and I thought I might have a try and turn it into my own version!


  1. Awesome writing Tash.
    This is so cool, I really like that you got inspired by your brother. It is a great story, short but it is so cool and very well done.

  2. Great work. I like how you put your own ending to your brothers writing. Hos one sounds interesting too! Well done:)

  3. Awesome story Natasha.
    I like the part where it says , Good it was just a dream, Or was it.
    Cool piece of writing,
    From Brody.