Thursday, August 16, 2012

Invaded By Adjectives

Invaded By Adjectives

Bella has been invaded by adjectives. Can anybody help her? 
Whats going to happen? 
Can you help?

I was running through the corridor towards my classroom. The bell had already rang and I didn’t want to be any later otherwise I would be in deep trouble with Mrs.Bark if I got to class twenty minutes late. I crashed through the door to be face to face with my teacher and guess what by the looks on her face she didn’t look that pleased with me. “Bella! get to your seat and don’t talk to me for the rest of the day” I slowly tiptoed to my seat, I could hear people chuckling at me of course. I pushed my bag under my desk and sat down trying not to fall over. Suddenly Mrs.Bark started on a topic about adjectives Now..”

I got my books out and wrote a letter to my best friend Samantha

Lets have a competition :)
Today we have to use adjectives with every word we say!
From Bella

She winked back at me with a wicked grin. I raised my hand and Mrs.Bark nodded her head at me and turned. “Mrs.thin, tall, hairy Bark can I please go to the stinky, sme\lly, toilet?” she stared at me and smiled. “What a great sentence to use Bella thank you, that is perfect” I crossed my eyes, them Sam stared also, then she raised her hand Mrs.Bark nodded “ Tall, fat, big,huge Jarred is talking loudly in the huge,big class room Mrs” she just looked and said “the class really likes their adjectives today” I nodded.

At the end of the day the competition was over but it doesn’t seem like it because adjectives keep on spitting out of my mouth like fire coming out of a dragon’s mouth. “Mum can I quickly and quietly walk to the shops” “Dad you are very tall, short, huge,big” I couldn’t take it any more. I told Samantha and she said that there was some kind of witch doctor around my street. Well of course I didn’t believe her but I did try.

I knocked on the door twice and there was no answer. So I just walked on through, the floor creaked under my feet and the walls had half the wallpaper hanging down. I was creeped out by this place suddenly I heard a voice coming from inside one of the bedrooms “Hello Bella, I heard you have a problem?” I step back and looked around the house, I couldn't see a thing the house was just a big black shadow. “Come in come in my girl” she mumbled I walked into a little room where I found a little old lady sitting on huge chair. She was wearing the most weirdest clothes and her face was covered in wrinkled.

“Who are you small, wrinkly, big eyed women?” I smacked my hand over my mouth and turned red. “Well! I have heard you  have been having problems with your words, I mean adjectives?” I gulped she knew everything but how?

“I can help you with your troubles by the click of my fingers” I knew she was just kidding around with but I still stood there listening to her words. “I will help you on one condition, you must never be late again?” I had a feeling she might be telling the truth so I went with and nodded and “BANG,SLAP, KAPOW” she clicked her fingers in seconds and I found myself back in the corridor door just like I was yesterday. I looked up at the clock and it was 8.30am there was still half an hour till the bell rings.”Magic”  

Samantha has been invaded by adjectives. Can anybody help her? 
Whats going to happen? 
Can you help?

Choice Challenge

Write this in your comment:)

Can you tell me one thing you would do to help get rid of you saying adjectives all the time?


  1. Wonderful way you have integrated your reading into your writing, Tash!

    Mrs Bark has a great name and sounds like a pretty bad teacher. Have you used the character Bella before?

    I think Bella should take some Strong Verb pills to cure her adjective invasion ;)

    1. Thanks Mr.M!
      Its my kittens name Felicity said we should put our cats name into our writing. So I did! I would diffidently take strong Strong Verb pills:)

  2. Awesome Tash.
    I think this blog post is great.

  3. Cool Tasha.
    That is a great story.
    You are a good writer.

  4. You are really good at writing.
    Well done.
    I really like the words you described everything with.
    Keep up the great work.
    Awesome blog post.

    From Lizard:)