Monday, September 3, 2012

Production Diary Part One

Day One
“Hi! my name is Natasha” it is only a few weeks until the production has to be put together and perfected to the end. I don’t know where to start all I know is that I am excited and freaking out, its not everyday that you stand on a stage and perform to fifty or more people. I almost forgot, I am the commenter for “Who’s Got Talent” you know the show the one where people sing, dance and show talent pretty much. Today I thought I would never get through all my lines and know them all off my heart, its hard! You have to practice and practice and don’t forget to practice again and once more for good luck. We are nearly going to practice on stage so I hope I get them right!

Day Two
I am back again but now I really know lines and it wasn’t that hard after all. Guess what we did today? you got it we practice for like a hour and a half. Practice, practice and more practice it just goes on and on and on. But I still had fun! We listen to all the “Who’s Got Talent” contestants and man they were good at hitting those notes especially Gabriel and Alice, listening to them feels like I am in heaven with the angels!

Mistakes Happen

Get those lines right!


  1. Cool Tash. I like pictures you have put on with post. I think you have a cool part production.

  2. Awesome Tash!
    Great pictures.
    I hope you learnt from your mistake before the big shows.
    Great work:)
    Are you enjoying you first production? I know I am!

    1. Thanks Floss!
      Yes! Its so much fun, its awesome.

  3. Awesome Natasha.
    I like your black photo and colour photo.
    And you specked loud so everyone heard you.

  4. Great work Tash. I really like it when you perform because your loud and proud and that is really good! My favourite would be Gabriel and Alice.
    Well done:)

    1. Thanks Katrina!
      I like them too, they are very good at singing together:)

  5. Well done Natasha.
    I like your awesome pictures and your captions too.
    Good job.
    From Brody

  6. AMAZING really good post
    I really like it I also enjoy Alice and Gabriel they're so talented and so are you as a writer it's so cool to read you're posts If I were you I would be so proud of my writing because even if I wasn't there you made it seem like I was(I was there) and a huge well done :)

  7. Cool Natasha

    I like your post it is really cool. I like how you said that you sometimes make mistakes, but you have to get them right. I also like Gabriel and Ellis.

    Courtney :)

  8. Cool production diary Natasha i also love all the cool pitchers.
    What an awesome story to read it was very interesting.