Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reading Check Up

We have now got a lot of tests coming up and one of them was a Reading Strategy Check Up. We had to Make Connections,Visualise, Ask Questions, Predict and use our Vocabulary. The story was called Twister Rips Off Roof, it was really dramatic but awesome!

Voice Recorder >>


  1. Fantastic Tash!

    I agree with what you said in your Vocaroo. You show good understanding of reading strategies and know how to use them. You explain them and clearly and your connections to this text are especially strong.

    1. Thanks Mr.M!
      I really liked this test, it not only tested my brain but showed me where I am up to in my reading!

  2. Great work Tash. I really love your reading check up. It is sort of like mine. Your vocaroo recording is very clear too! What was the most hardest thing for you on this task?
    Well done:)

  3. Natasha you have shown a great understanding of reading strategies to help you understand texts. It shows that reading is really fun for you because you get the best out of texts with your great understanding. Well done.

  4. Amazing Tash!
    I really like your reading check up:)
    All of the reading skills that popped up on this sheet were so cool!
    You did so well in this!

  5. Wow Natasha. I love you blog post I like your Vocaroo is so cool.