Thursday, June 21, 2012

KWL Reading (Extraterrestrial Search)

KnowWant to knowLearned
That some scientists think that there may be other life living on planets  Why we think there is life on other planets?That people think they have seen real U.F.Os
We can all sorts of different crafts up in space. How we made the first rocket ship?That the first woman to ever go into space was Russian.
There are heaps and heaps of stars in space.
How long do you have to train to go into space?What sort of inventions are in space.
That the sun controls the cold and heat.How many people have been in space?How the sun works
That there is other solar systems  Is there such thing as a UFO?The name of some people that landed on mars
There is a company called NASA that is all to do with spaceHow long it takes to get into space?What mission we have done and want to do
That we use rocket ships to get into spaceHow long people stay on the moon?What countries were the first to fly into space and go on the moon.
That people think mars could have living things on their. Where does all the data go to?That the oldest man to ever go to earth was 77 years old
Some people have been in the moon beforeWho was the first women to go into space?If you dig 5 centimeters you can find pure ice and soil where you can grow things (in mars).
What goals they want to achieve
That a gold recorder holds all of the sounds and data that they collect.


  1. Amazing KWL, Natasha!

    You really extended yourself with effective questioning!

    It seems you picked up many interesting facts about our world through this reading.

    1. Thanks Mr.M!
      This task was really fun.