Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Queen Bee

I flew swiftly and quickly to the bright pink flower, for a important meeting with the queen and the head court.

“You're late” boomed a black figure, I scampered quietly across the floor and bowed to the golden queen bee. She stared at in me with her deep, dale eyes and beamed. “You're here” she croaked  “I’ve been waiting”. I sat there silently and dared not to move a thing. “I.....I...I got a message about a change to the village” I stuttered.

“Yes you did and I want to talk to you about that” she said softly. I picked myself up off the ground and sat down on a bright yellow chair definitely not my choice.”I have ran out of honey and now want to gain more and I was told you could help me? I want everyone in this village to give me one pot if not they will be put into the cells” she smirked at me I tried to smile but it turned into a gasp. How awful I thought most people will not have a pot of honey.

“What do you think of this marvlis plan?” she asked. I hesitated I did not know what to say yes or definitely no. It finally just busted out of my mouth “ It's perfect my queen”
“Well isn't that great because you're the one thats telling the village”
I was speechless my mind was spinning like a merry go round.
“Tomorrow afternoon you will announce my plan” she shouted in my ear.

“Great” I lied “I can’t wait”
“Time for you to leave I need my nails done”
I fluttered quickly out of the room before she could stop me.  
How could this be I have to stand and embarrass myself in front of everyone.

The next morning I woke up with a huge fright it was the day the one and only life I have will end now. Sadly I got ready for my big speech “ ohno ohno” I muttered to myself over and over again. (2.00 3.00 4.00). Its time, I flew straight out the door not thinking of anything else but what I was about to do.

“Good afternoon my queen” I grumbled
“You're here just in time” she smiled at me like she had just won lotto. The butterflys rosie to my tummy making me feel dizzy, I started to get hot my head felt like an oven my mouth was all dried up like a crisp leaf. Suddenly I heard “Good afternoon my people”, it was time!   

I walked slowly out to the balcony to find hundreds even thousand of bugs starring at me with wide eyes. My heart started to beat I looked behind me at the queen she looked angry I turned back around and....
“H...ello v...everyone I am Amy”
“Where gathered here today because our queen has a m...great plan?” I muttered
“You have to give...?” I pursed.
“One giant pot of honey to the queen if not you will be put into the cells”
People were shocked and started to grunt at me I flew off the stage leaving the queen to do the talking.

I felt guilty I don’t know why but I did. Flying back home was pretty terrible people looked at with a huge frown on their face. I just could not get away from anyone they just kept there looks straight at me. When I got home I felt sick really, really sick.

“Bang bang” I woke with a shock. Someone was at the door I was scared what do they want I thought. I slowly opened the door and the whole entire village was right there at my doorstep.
“Stop the Queen” they chanted. I smacked the door shut, what was I going to do?

After about 20 mins I got sick of the sound and was now really angry. “What do you want me to do?” I screeched. Everyone went silent I could finally hear the birds. Suddenly out popped a little butterfly “I’m sorry to disturb you but my family does not have any honey and now we will be put into the the cells for nothing” I stared with wide eyes down at the little boy.  I need to stop this right now I thought to myself.

The next morning it felt like my pants were going to fall off I was scared to piece. Today was the day I was going to tell the queen she was out of her mind crazy in other words. I got straight to her place and tiptoed into her  throne room waiting for her to appear at the door. “What? stop” in came the queen with half the village at her feet moaning and groaning. “What do you want” she asked puzzled. My throat went dry me with my big mouth... “your plan is crazy” I shouted “are you out of your mind look those families” She went red in the face and it looked like she was about to burst. “YOU GET OUT NOW” she shrieked.

Suddenly everyone in the room said “YOU GET OUT”...
The queen was so furious that she got the guards but...
“NO” they said
She flew straight out the door. Everything came to an end I was happy the village was happy and lets just say the queen flew away and was never seen again. Good for her!


  1. Cool Natasha,
    I love your story. What did actually happen to the queen bee and where did she go? You have a great imagination in your writing. I love how you have done the town bugs because at first I thought that the queen bee meant that the town was humans. LOL!!!
    Cool Story Natasha

    1. Yes Hannah I agree.

      Great story Tash, I like that you added a picture to match your story.
      Where did the queen bee go in the end?
      When were you working this story?

    2. Thanks Floss and Hannah!
      I don't know where the queen went she just disappeared. I was working on this writing at home.
      Thanks girls!

  2. Wow how do you think of all this amazing writing!

    1. Thanks Casey!
      I don't know I just made up a story.

  3. Amazing Tash, I love your story.

  4. This is awesome Tasha!!
    I love your queen bee writing. The bee picture is awesome.
    How long did it take you to write it.

    1. Thanks Kazza!
      It took me a week or so.

  5. Wow Tash thats Amazing You did a really
    good job with that How on earth did you write that much
    i love the picture did you draw it or did you get it off google Images

    1. Thanks Eden!
      I got it of Google of course.