Monday, June 4, 2012

Food Scraps

Food scraps need to be used!

Dear Mr.Gifkins

Parkvale wastes way too much food scraps when we can use them for heaps of different uses that will help the school. Half of our food scraps go to waste and could be used or eaten. If we recycle our food scraps it could make the world a better place.

Firstly, money is wasted when children just throw half their lunch away and don’t eat it. Half of our bin is filled with half eaten food like sandwiches, apples or even a whole nut bars. I think we need more teachers looking at children's lunch boxes so when they get to year fives and sixes they will know not to chuck out perfectly good food.

Secondly, our school does not have to pay so much for taking the rubbish to the dump if we recycle our food scraps and make things that will help save money. We could get more things for the school and for learning. You could even just let children take their rubbish home in their lunch boxes, so then their parents know what they have eaten or what not.  

Thirdly, have you seen all that food in the world that is been chucked away for example like the pacific trash vortex, hundreds of animals are killed or hurt because of that horrible place. There is a whopping amount of food that just goes to waste and it looks like we don’t even care for the world.

We need to stop this terrible deed and start making things better by recycling things. If we all help that will be great! RECYCLE

Yours sincerely,


  1. Amazing Tash I love how you used emotive language. Mine is kind of like that.

  2. Good story Natasha I think you really meant it, keep it up.

  3. Awesome persuasion Tash.
    I really like that you have done it in nice paragraphs.
    What do you think Mr.Gifkins will think of your persuasion?

    1. Thank Floss!
      I don't know I will have to find out.

  4. Amazing Tash!
    you did an awesome job to its not to long
    and not to short i wonder what Mr Gifkins will think
    we've all gone so far just with the group and together From Eden :)

    1. Thanks Eden!
      We are a great team.

  5. I'm sold Natasha! Lets do it! I am going to recommend to the School Board of Trustees that we make a School Policy that children are to take all THEIR rubbish home. I would also like to introduce foodbins so that we can re-use food scraps for worm farms and pig farms etc. I am going to need your classes help to promote these changes. I have a Board meeting on Tuesday, so will get back to you on Wednesday.

    1. Thanks Mr.G!
      We can diffidently help.