Friday, May 18, 2012

My Favourite Websites

Welcome to Upstart World – the BEST place for New Zealand boys and girls to hang out and have fun!
Upstart has got everything you need they have X box games, books and toys all up for grabs.
Make sure you have a look at there awesome gamez too.
You can also buy stuff on-line how cool is that?
So much sure you check out there website or buy there magazine.

Get awesome prizes. 

Welcome to The Erin Simpson Show this is a place to get into competitions also start cooking and have some fun!
This website is also a T.V show so you should watch and see if you like it.
On the website they have competitions, cooking recipe's, news about the show and videos.
So make sure you check it out.

Erin and the Team


  1. The Erin Simpson website is a good one to catch up on what has happened on the show.

  2. WOW! I looked at the Erin Simpson show last night! I noticed that it was much better than whatnow's. I think you did very well to find really cool websites.

    1. Thanks Charlotte!
      Its way better then whatnow's.:)