Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Have you ever felt summer?

Remember that time
when you smelled the salt from the bright blue sea 

and had wet sand swashed between your toes.
Sure you have.

Have you ever
gone swimming out in the deep blue sea and
suddenly a big gushing wave comes and you scream
and get washed underneath the waves.  
That was summer.

Remember the feeling
of the itchy green grass up against your knees and
the sound of insects buzzing and the trees swooshing.
That was summer.

Remember the time
when you were looking up at the light blue sky
and tried to make shapes out of the white clouds.
That was summer.

Remember the feeling of rain
falling on your head while you're waiting for the storm to stop
and when its stopped you're all wet but some how it's refreshing.
That was summer.

Remember that time
when you dived into the pool and just remembered
that it was summer.
That was definitely summer!!!    


  1. I can taste the refreshing rain. You are using your senses well, Natasha!

  2. very cool sentences tash
    from lily n

  3. What a great description of summer.Well done