Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Horse Riding

Day 2

Horse Riding

“Clop clop!” went the horses feet. We were horse riding on a gravel track. "Keep up, come on!” shouted the instructor. We slowly went up a little hill.

"Toby come on,” I heard behind me. Sushila’s horse (Toby) was eating some leaves. “Horses these days,” I heard Sushila mutter under her breath.

It started to pour down. Lucky we had rainjackets on otherwise we would be fish in water. Suddenly the horses all turned and put their heads away from the rain. "They hate the rain!” shouted  the instructor. “Just pull the reins.” We all pulled the reins and finally the horses all turned back around. We were all back on track. We went through paddocks, trees and tracks.

"Ok guys off you hop.” We were all back and we jumped off are horses. "Was that fun or what?” the instructor said. 
“Yes!” we all replied.    

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