Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Archery Reflection

Reflection for camp
· Something I was pleased with was the archery.
Because I had never done it before and I was nervous and I did it and it turned out to be one of the best things at camp.

· I really enjoyed learning about how they made it in the olden days and what they used it for.  

Because it was something that I never really knew and I like learning about new things.

· Something I found hard was pulling my arm back to shoot the arrow at the target.
· Something that made me think was what they made their arrows out of.
Because it was things I have never heard of before.  

· Something I want to get better at is shooting the arrows in the right direction.
(Is to practice more)



  1. Cool Tasha! It was really awesome to learn about the olden day bows and arrows. I like how you put a video of the archery as well. How did you do on the shooting

    1. Thank you
      I did not do as well as you I got 8.
      You did really well.
      How well did your team go on the shooting?

  2. Hey Tash,
    I think that my class loved archery too. We had so much fun competing and pushing ourselves to do our best. I thought I would be really good, BUT I was not. I kept hitting my own arm with the string. Do you think we should go back to Mountain Valley next year? Would you recommend any changes to the activities?

    1. Thank you
      It was so much fun!
      I wish I could back.
      Yeah of course you should go back next year.
      No I think all of the activities were challenging and really fun.I will diffidently go back with my family. I heard you and Lily were on the radio too.
      What did you do when it was raining?