Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Olympic Torch

I was waiting with excitement for the Olympic torch to be passed onto me. Just a few more seconds and I will be holding the Olympics.The lady with the torch came into sight. She was so proud that there were tears flowing out of eyes, she passed the torch over and smiled. I flew off and smiled back at her.

People were screaming out my name and waving flags wildly in the air. My breathing was starting to run out but my smile still was spread right across my face. I felt like I was in my dreams fast asleep, but I wasn’t, it was really happening.The track started to run out and I could see the next person ahead waiting for her turn to live her dream.

Arriving at the end of the track, I knew that I would have to pass over the torch. My dream ended here and now I will wake up. But in my heart I knew it wasn’t the end. I passed it on with a big grin and watch her start her drift into the distance.


  1. Fantastic writing, Tash. I love how you show your feelings with clues, rather than just telling the reader. You were holding the Olympics and your dream ended when you passed the torch but you knew it wasn't the end. Wow!