Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 3 White Water Rafting

Day 3

White Water Rafting

“Bang!” We bushed into a gigantic slimy rock, suddenly we all flung into the air. It felt like someone had just tipped a bucket of water on my head. Forward paddle!” Bones the instructor shouted over our voices. Smack!” my paddle pounded the water. Our first rapid came in sight everyone in the first raft was shouting. “Bong, bang!” we all went flying.

“Forward paddle!” Bones shouted again. I started to attack the water. My arms were going hard out “thrash!”, we walloped into the side of the cliff. We were still paddling forward suddenly “woof” Bobo jumped onto my lap. What, a dog? If I was a dog I would stay on land. We stopped and we leaped out of the raft. I was thinking what are we doing here there is nothing but stones and dirt. Everyone over here please hurry up.” I rushed over to Dion. Get in a line please,” the Strikers lined up in a straight line. One step,” Dion instructed. I watch as the strikers headed out in into the river slowly. It was finally our turn. We waded into the water then stopped and turned around and went back. We got back into the raft and got into the rapids again. “Bang, smash” we went down the bumpy rocks. 

“Forward paddle!” Bones shouted again. Once again I started to pound the water. In the distance I could see a huge bridge. “Wow!” I thought to myself. We reached it at last and it was amazing it was like a big dinosaur was standing over you, now that would be cool. We watched in amazement as builders stood over the edge and looked at us and waved of course we waved back.
Bong!” I looked up and tried to remembered where we where. Suddenly up ahead I saw something running around like it was a robot that just got coffee split on it. It was white and fluffy well there is only one thing that could be white and fluffy it was a...SHEEP!!!

It was on the rocks running around and looking at us it starred at me like it was controlling me with its eyes. Bang!” I flew into the air and landed in the seat behind me. “Where is the dog?” Casey screeched.“Pop” the dog came out from underneath my arms. Phew,” I said feeling relieved. That was a close one.  



  1. Exciting writing, Natasha!

    You really add rich details and thoughts which take reader right into the moments with you. Your verbs like walloped and screeched are very strong.

    What are the chances of any other days from your camp diary appearing on your blog?

    1. Thank you
      I have Day 2 all ready as a draft post but got a whole lot of other drafts too. So soon I will have Day 2 on my blog once you have checked it. I had really fun doing rafting what was your best part of camp?

    2. You're welcome, Tash.

      My favourite part of camp was definitely white water rafting.

      The best feeling of camp was seeing the class grow and bond together. You all treated each other with respect and that made me proud.

    3. Yeah I loved white water rafting and archery too.
      Camp made our class come more together diffidently.
      I so want to go back with our class again.

  2. Great piece of writing Natasha